Monday, March 30, 2009

New Blog

Blogpost has been good to me. I have always wanted to journal my thoughts because
I believe that writing breeds clarity. However, I have never been really good at doing it. Mostly because I lack consistency. So, when I found blogging and picked it up it has been helpful by giving me a format to write and also to share with others. The hope has been that others will grow spiritually from my spiritual journey as well. Trust me, that is more of a humbling thought than any pride or arrogance.

So, if I will share this online I might as well do it in a format that allows for the spread of greater communication. Therefore, I am transferring blogspot for wordpress. One reason is that it allows for me to post documents that may be helpful in communicating to those in ministry. They will hopefully have a little more access to those types of things. Wordpress also gives a little more flexibility in formatting different tabs or links to express my life, family, ministry and so forth.

All that to say that all blog posts will now be found at

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